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Talion Hack is a program that gives access to various tools, including a generator, experience multiplier. A detailed description will be given below. The program will save your time and increase the joy of playing. In addition, you will save real money that you would have to spend on a premium store to have an equal chance with other players.

The program has been tested on iOS, Android and we are sure that it will work on them. The program is constantly updated and improved, so new versions of the game will not be a problem. The hack was written based on the game code. This means that anti-virus programs do not detect you when using our Talion Hack. If you run into a problem, write here contact. We will try to help.

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Features of Talion Hack

– Diamond Generator
– Gold Generator
– Experience Multiplier (Max 300%)
– Damage Multiplier (Max 200%)
– Faster Loading Skills

Talion Online Hack (About Talion)

Talion is a mobile game in the genre: MMORPG, Fantasy. The creators of the game is the company GAMEVIL responsible for such titles as: ArcheAge, Dragon Blaze. The game works on the principle of Free-To-Play and has entered such mobile systems as iOS, Android.

The plot of the game concerns the conflict between the two Ageis factions, Bident. The two factions fight to present their vision of the world after the world was destroyed by the Great Demon Aradune. Ageis wants absolute freedom and Bident central power. After starting the game, the player will have to decide which of these factions he will join.

When creating a character, the player will be able to choose four character classes: warrior, killer, war mage (mage), gunslinger. When creating a character, we will not be able to change the gender, the gender of the player depends on the class we choose. The character creator is very rich, you can change everything from hairstyles to face shapes.

Talion in terms of gameplay is no different from other mobile mmorpg. The best aspect of the game until the end of the game. Players will be able to participate in large-scale PvP 20v20 battles, as well as in various dungeons and rallies at the final stages of the game.