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Stalker Online Hack is advanced software, yet it is easy to use. Thanks to this you will be able to use Aimbot, Triggerbot, Esp and 2D radar. These features will give you an advantage over others, making the game much more enjoyable. To download our cheat, just click the “download” icon. The program is packed into an archive, to unpack it you will need Win-rar or 7-zip.

In the settings you can customize the functions for yourself. Each function has many manipulation options, for example in Aimbot you can set which parts of the body are to be targeted or at what distance from the opponent to be activated. When it comes to safety of use, you don’t have to worry. In our program you will be protected by two proxy software, “B-anti”. The first protects your IP, and the second effectively blocks “Anti-Cheat” activities.

Hack works well on any version of Windows. the program has been scanned to detect viruses, so you do not have to remove the lock in Windows or any other anti-virus program. If you have a problem, write “Concat” here. We will answer your questions regarding our Stalker Online Hack. We also recommend our other Cheats, such as:

Features Stalker Online Hack

  • Aimbot
  • Triggerbot
  • Esp
  • 2D Radar
  • Proxy
  • B-hack
  • Easy to use
  • Works on any version of windows

Stalker Online Hack – About Stalker Online

Stalker Online Hack is a game for computers with Windows. The production is a survival game with RPG elements, developed by the independent BigWorld studio. The game is based on the Free-to-play system with micropayments

The gameplay focuses on survival in a inhospitable environment. At our disposal is a large, open world in which we can explore areas such as urban areas, abandoned villages, as well as vast forests and wasteland. Stalker Online world is full of secrets and threats in the form of the above-mentioned anomalies and mutated beings. In addition, other players can also disturb you. An important element of the game is the development of the hero. In the game you can build your own base, as well as trade with other players.