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Horse Farm Cheat is a program that manipulates the game code. So you can generate rubies and dollars in unlimited amounts. The program will increase the enjoyment of playing, you will not have to spend real money to get rubies. This means that you won’t have to wait for the building to be built, and you’ll have access to special buildings.

The program is safe to use thanks to Y-Hack, Proxy. In addition, we have scanned our Cheat, no anti-virus program will have a problem with our program. As for compatibility, Cheat can be used on a computer, tablets and telephones with iOS, Android.

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Features Horse Farm Cheat

  • Manipulating the value of Dollars
  • Manipulating the value of Rubies
  • 100% Security with Proxy, Y-Hack
  • Works on Computer, Tablet and Phone with iOS, Android
  • Works on any computer on a computer
  • Very easy to use, no coding knowledge needed to operate our program

Horse Farm Cheat – About Horse Farm

Horse Farm Cheat is a multiplayer game available in browsers and mobile devices with iOS, Android. The creators of the game is the company Upjers known for the production of multiplayer games for mobile devices. The game works in the Free-To-Play system with micropayments.

Horse Farm is a mobile construction simulator in which the title horses play the main role! We will have to head the equestrian center and direct its fate. We will decide here not only about its development strategy, but also the expansion of professional infrastructure.