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Goodgame Empire Cheats Codes is a program for generating gold, resources, rubies. Thanks to him you will finally feel the satisfaction of the game, you will not have to spend several hours in the game to build your desired building. And you won’t have to spend your hard earned money on rubies to compete on an equal footing with other players.

Goodgame Empire, like any browser game, is based on microtransactions, which is very visible here because it rubs against P2W. Acceleration, growth, sabotage, purchase of raw materials – all this can be easily done using premium currency, and the player who does not pay for premium currency must spend resources and wait, wait, wait. A game without paying can only match selected ones because the game is very slow.

Features Goodgame Empire Cheats Codes

  • Unlimited generation of raw materials and gold
  • Unlimited Ruby generation
  • Works on computer and mobile devices
  • Works on every possible mobile(iOS, Android) and computer system.
  • Supports any web browser
  • V-Anti-Ban
  • Proxy
  • Ease of use


Goodgame Empire Cheat Codes – About Goodgame Empire


Goodgame Empire Cheats Codes is a multiplayer strategy created by the German Goodgame studio. It is a production based on a free model with micropayments. We start the game as the owner of a castle ruin surrounded by a palisade. The game takes place in real time and consists mainly of the city’s development. We are slowly expanding them with new buildings and their improvements, which opens up more and more options and possibilities for us.

Particularly important are the structures used for recruiting soldiers. Because the fun takes place not only on the city screen, but also on the map of the whole country. That is why our agglomeration has neighbors in the form of other players with whom it can form alliances or wage wars. As we progress – expressed in the prosperity of our headquarters and successful conquests – we reach new levels that allow us to move to other lands. There, we begin to build power again, but each time we deal with different conditions and cities.